Woodside Karratha Gas Plant Life Extension – KLE 231 Sub 50 and Sub 57 FEED - Imperium Engineering

AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018, AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
  • Project name :Woodside Karratha Gas Plant Life Extension – KLE 231 Sub 50 and Sub 57 FEED
  • Client :Worley
  • Project Location :Perth Worley Offices
  • Staff:Greg, Aaron, Alan, Jarred, Jarrad, Graeme
  • Start date :23 Sep 2019
  • End date :5 Dec 2019


The KLE 231 project scope consists of HV & LV switchboard replacement throughout the gas plant in such a manner as to limit impact to production. This specific scope consisted of completing the electrical engineering, design and implementation cutover strategy to effect switchboard replacements in Substation 50 (LNG Storage & Loading) and Substation 57 (Propane/Butane Storage and Loading and LNG Boil off Gas Handling), two critical substations to process plant operation.


Imperium Engineering started after other disciplines and completed the scope on time and below budget. The client and their client were very satisfied with our work and the result for the broader project

How We Did It Better

Imperium had detailed knowledge and understanding of the KGP site and the KLE project more generally. In addition to this, we utilised very experienced Australian Engineers & Designers for the execution of this scope of work. These resources were in our office and only a couple of hundred metres from the main project office, as a result, face to face meetings between Imperium/Worley/Woodside were easy to facilitate. This made response times and transfer of knowledge and understanding of changing requirements readily understood, allowing for prompt execution. This provided unparalleled service to our clients.