Prominant Hill Static Compensation Unit Compliance Review - Imperium Engineering

AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018, AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
  • Project name :Prominant Hill Static Compensation Unit Compliance Review
  • Client :Bureau Veritas
  • Project Location :Prominant Hill – Out of our Perth offices
  • Staff:Alan, Aaron
  • Start date :11 Feb 2020
  • End date :26 Feb 2020


Bureau Veritas have requested this proposal for Imperium to complete a compliance review of the Prominent Hill STATCOM units (Static Compensation) as provided by the vendor – Rongxin Huiko Electric Technology Co. Ltd (RXHK). The compliance review shall be to the technical specification OZ-0000-ELE-SP-H2H-0001.


Exhaustive review of Australian, International and site client standards against the information provided by the vendor resulted in a successful compliant outcome.

How We Did It Better

Imperium conduct compliance engineering, design and installation reviews with our CPEng and EEHA competent team members, our understanding of Australian Standards and installation compliance requirements means we can conduct these types of reviews in a timely and professional manner.